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Here at Millie Moo Bakes, we LOVE cupcakes, we love creating bespoke and personalised cakes for all different occasions and events. We create all our cake toppers in house including those that are non edible as well as our edible fondant toppers. So no request is too crazy!

Cupcakes are available in different size boxes and as follows:

- Box of 6 Cupcakes from £13.00

- Box of 12 Cupcakes from £22.00

- Box of 24 Cupcakes from £40.00

Cupcake flavours we offer:

- Velvety Vanilla

- Smooth Chocolate

- Zesty Lemon

- Salted Caramel 

- Oreo Madness

- Chocolate Orange

- Mint Chocolate

- Biscoff

We are also able to offer filled cupcakes, our filling choices are:

- Strawberry Jam

- Lemon Curd

- Nutella

- Biscoff

- Raspberry Jam

Please Note:

Prices are an estimate and will depend on quantity, design, flavours, toppers etc. We are able to give you a personalised quote upon request so message us today to get a quote and order now!

We ask that you have one flavour per 6 cupcakes. Cupcake boxes are collection only from Welwyn Garden City.



A birthday gift? A small gathering? Or a little 'just because' present. Our treatboxes are just for you!

Available in a variety of different styles and sizes, we are sure there is something for everyone.

Our treatboxes are available in the following:

- Small Treatbox -
2x Cakesicles
2x Geohearts
2x Iced Biscuits


- Small Cupcake Treatbox -
- 2x Cupcakes
- 2x Geohearts
- 3x Iced biscuits


- Cupcakes & More Treatbox -

- 4x cupcakes 
- 4x Iced biscuits
- Brownie bites
- 2x Geohearts


All treatboxes are come filled with mini marshmallows, coated pretzels & mini meringues.

Our treatboxes can be personalised with names and suitable for all events. Cupcakes toppers are included.

Our treatboxes can also be wrapped in matching ribbon and have personalised tags to match and make them that little bit extra special. £3.00 extra per order.

Please note:

Our cakesicles & geohearts for all treatboxes will be filled with fudge brownie centre. We ask you keep to one flavour for all cupcakes in each box. 



Our best selling bespoke biscuits are an absolute fave here at Millie Moo Bakes. We are proud to be able to create beautiful bespoke personalised biscuits for all occasions. Wether it's for a baby shower, birthday, anniversary or wedding. We are more than happy to work with you to create bespoke biscuits for your event.

We are able to offer biscuits in the follow box sizes:

- Mini Gift Box -

 This box comprises of 3 beautiful bespoke biscuits customised by you in our clear top box. 

From £10.00

- Small Box -

This small box comprises of 6 beautiful bespoke biscuits customised by you to suit your special event. Presented in our white window boxes. 

From £16.00

- Large Box -

This large box comprises of 12 beautiful bespoke biscuits customised by you to suit your special event. Presented in our white window boxes.

From £28.00

Our biscuits are available in all different styles, shapes, themes, colours and can be personalised to make them extra special! 

We are also able to individually wrap our biscuits free of charge and add ribbons and tags to our boxes for an extra £3.00 per order.

We are also happy to accommodate larger orders for bigger events.

Message us for a personalised quote.

Please note: 

Prices are a guide and may vary depending on size, design, etc. A Final quote will be given upon request or order.



Our Cakesicles & Geohearts make the perfect treat for parties and gatherings and also the perfect gift or party favour! Cakesicles and Geohearts can be ordered individually as an add on to your order or as sets.

Cakesicles are available in the following flavours:

- Our bestselling favourite: Fudge Brownie Centre

-Vanilla Cake Centre

-Chocolate Cake Centre

Cakesicles & Geohearts can be coated in:

-White chocolate

-Milk Chocolate

-Dark Chocolate

For coloured cakesicles and geohearts, the coating will be white chocolate. 

Cakesicles are available in the following box sizes:

3 - £10.00

4 - £12.50

6 - £18.00

8 - £24.00

Geohearts are available in the following box sizes:

4 - £10.00

8 - £19.00


We are also able to offer the following size mixed box of cakesicles & geohearts:

- Small Mixed Box Includes -

2x Cakesicles & 2x Geohearts


- Medium Mixed Box Includes -

3x Cakesicles & 4x Geohearts


- Large Mixed Box Includes -

6x cakesicles & 8 Geohearts


We also happy to take on larger orders for bigger events and parties.

Message us for a personalised quote for large orders. 

Our cakesicles & geohearts can be individually wrapped and also have personalised tags for all different occasions for an extra fee. Tags are an extra £3.00 per order.

Please note:

Geohearts are smaller than cakesicles.



Now, you just cant beat a super fudgey brownie or gooey cookie bar, can we?! 

Millie Moo Bakes is now able to offer our 9' inch cookie bar and brownie slabs under our POSTAL SERVICE!

So you can order your freshly baked good right to your door!

Perfect for a weekend treat, friend get to together or just to send a friend some treats in the post as a little treat! 

Our 9' inch cookie bar and brownie slabs can be sent whole or cut into 8 pieces.

Our flavour menu is as follows:

- Triple choc chip

- White choc chip

- Milk choc Chip

- Kinder

- Kinder bueno

- Mars

- Galaxy caramel

- Oreo 

- Biscoff

- Snickers

- Mint Aero

- Terry's chocolate orange

- Smarties

- Mini eggs (seasonal)

£15.00 for 1 flavour

£18.00 for 2 flavours

We are usually able to accommodate most requests so if you don't see a flavour on the list that you want, send us a message and we will do our best to source it!

Available for collection or postal service.

Postage will be an additional £3.79 per box.

Please see our postal policy before ordering.

Please note:

This is not a mixed box. One box of full brownie or cookie. We currently are unable to offer a mix of cookies and brownie per box.